Enhancing brand loyalty and customer connections

Social Posting

Consult the experts at Kleo Digital on social media profile maintenance. We will build and maintain your brand’s image using professional tools such as Canva and SEMRush.

Interacting and outreach

We work on custom social media campaigns that can increase the effectiveness of your interactions with followers.

We provide social media marketing throughout East Cheshire for local and national businesses. From social strategy to social negotiation, we know social management in Sandbach.

Blog posts

Blogs are underestimated, and that’s a widespread issue for businesses who have established followers. Kleo Digital offers expert copywriting services to create time-sensitive blog posts around topics most relevant to your business — increasing traction, interest, and clicks back to your site.

Social Advertising

We specialise in all marketing strategies, including social media ads. We can also manage advertising campaigns that take place across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to maximise your reach out to potential customers who may not yet know you well.

I'm interested. What can social media do for me?
  • Engage directly with customers
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Promote new services & products
  • Build an audience
  • Let us help your audience with their buying decisions.

How does social media management work?


A social media marketing company, Kleo Digital works closely with clients to find out what they want from their campaigns. We do this through identifying the client’s goals, finding ways of meeting these objectives and then building a strategy that will meet those aims.

These strategies can be anything from increasing impressions to getting new followers – which leads on nicely to the next point.

The Research

A little research never hurt anyone! We like to keep on top of the competition. Using industry leading tools, we are able to research competitors and outreach advertisers and potential customers.

From social media management and social media ads to social negotiations, we have experience in social business from all over the UK.


For your social media campaign, we work together to plot a strategy that best suits you and your business. Depending on the budget available, we can tailor your strategy accordingly by selecting the type of advertising offered on each platform.


A professional touch will do wonders for your brand. With programmes such as Canva, we create high-impact images that are on-brand and encourage followers to take action. Fonts, colours, logos and professional captions – all carefully created by our team of experts.


Now the fun starts! We examine your online profiles and get an understanding of what you want to accomplish. Our digital marketing experts design a campaign that aligns with your objectives and we provide expertise to develop your social media presence.


Kleo Digital offers a full suite of services, including social media campaign management as well as targeted ads. Our services include Facebook and Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads since these platforms are an ideal situation for your marketing needs.


Creative content with tangible results.

Grow your business with a consistent flow of engaging content.

Kleo Digital offers daily management of your social media channels to guarantee a thriving and viable following.

Social media is all about short, sugary content. Over time these short snippets saddle your brand with diminishing control over its message and the exposure of critical information tend to be reduced to one-line slogan advertising.

To avoid that pitfall, we use Canva to create full brand templates for IG accounts. These templates allow brands maximum exposure - making them a valuable tool for boosting impressions on your company’s goals.

Instagram Management

The just-right content from Kleo Digital feels like it was made for the customer, because it was.

Kleo Digital specialises in creating compelling social media ads that help build brand affinity with your target audience.

LinkedIn leads the way for corporate social media. Our professionals will tailor a campaign to speak directly with your prospect customers and keep them in the loop on what's new at your business.

LinkedIn Management

Specialists in social media.

We bring deep, sector-specific expertise to designing social campaigns that drive demand.

With our expert Facebook Ads campaigns, we post on-brand updates for you while you take care of the business side.

Facebook Management

"Rob and the team have been looking after the SEO and social media side of our business for a few months now. We are really happy with the work they are doing, they have made a massive difference to our online presence which in turn has dramatically increased our leads. We are so impressed with the work they've done for us. Thank you for all your hard work!"

Rachael Evans / Zeal Services

Reach the unreachable. Your partner in social media
  • Facebook Business Page & Ad Account specialists
  • Instagram Outreach & Updates
  • Corporate LinkedIn contacts
  • Utilising each platform for the best strategy
Become your industry expert

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Whether you need some helping hands, creative ideas or hear it from the experts, we are here to help you gain momentum on social media.

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Is Social Media right for me?

Social media can help in both B2B and B2C sectors. Whether you’re targeting local customers who are looking for your services, keeping customers up-to-date on new products and features for your business… or simply want to reach out to corporate connections with an opportunity of new business, we know how to utilise each social platform.

Depending on your company’s needs, different social media channels may be more suitable. We are here to help you determine which ones best suit the goals of your business.

Once you let us know your social media goals, we can start planning. We will discuss where you want to improve and what social media objectives are best for your business with our knowledge, so the perfect plan can be created.

We believe the key to your success will be using carefully planned digital marketing tactics.

There are times when it’s too much, and other times when it’s not enough.

We custom tailor our packages to your business, including your following size, the frequency of updates, and how fast your business is changing.

Social media is in a constant state of change, and sometimes it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends. Let us help you exceed your social goals by providing a targeted plan for your business. Our expertise includes:

Facebook – social media management and paid ads

Instagram – social media management and paid ads

LinkedIn – social media management and paid ads

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