Facebook Ads experts.

Kleo Digital crafts website ads for specific niches as well as compelling copy to make them more persuasive and click-worthy.

Kleo Digital's Facebook specialist team will grow your brand awareness and boost sales- through targeted Facebook Ads campaigns, we uncover targeted audiences based on their interests, job titles, age, location, shopping behaviours - amongst other options.

  • Image & Carousel Ads
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Shopping Ads & Instant Experience
  • Lead Generation Forms

Use retargeting on Facebook to target recent visitors.

Facebook enables you to reach customers who have previously visited your website through Remarketing.

Say goodbye to wasting your time and money. We can help you unlock advanced targeting techniques that will turn high-quality leads into paying customers.

Contact Kleo Digital to explore new opportunities with formats like Stories, videos, and more. Our Sandbach Facebook experts design and execute remarketing campaigns to drive desired results for your business - from those that weren't ready to buy on their first visit.

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Reach your growth potential.

Kleo Digital specialises in improving Facebook ad strategies to achieve maximum outcome.

Kleo Digital can help you create Facebook ads that align with your wider marketing goals. We devise strategies based on the type of customer you wish to catch and how they interact with social media.

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