The benefits of a Webflow website
  • Get up and running fast
  • Responsive & SEO Friendly
  • Extremely customisable & unique

Built for growth.

Designed with simplicity as a priority and scalability in mind

A website needs to be flexible, allowing for the easy addition of new content and features. Webflow does just that - allowing you to futureproof your business

  • Design led with User Experience (UX)
  • User Interface (UI) that will generate leads
  • Responsive & SEO Friendly website
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A new approach to content design - powered by Webflow.

Kleo Digital offers Webflow, a cost-effective alternative to WordPress, for companies looking to build and design their very own website. Perfect for those looking for a quick turn-around. Talk through your options today.

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Our Webflow Cheshire also offers an ecommerce storefront.

Webflow provides an eCommerce platform that has many of the same features as WooCommerce and Shopify, but also has some other key differences.

The Webflow Ecommerce Platform offers a suite of features and customisation, including the ability for users to sell multiple goods and services within one system. Features include customisable cart page, checkout, transactional email, client-friendly order management dashboard and more.

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Exploring the options for a new website, or just starting up? Talk through Webflow options with us today.

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Fantastic service and a great team. We needed to rebrand and build a completely new website. Kleo Digital has been fantastic throughout the process, understanding all the requirements. They built a website that matched, and exceeded our expectations, and all of our staff and clients have absolutely loved the final result. Special thank you to Andrew for being fantastic and patient. If you are looking for experts and a great service, Kleo Digital is the one!

Arevika / STM Group

Meticulously track your progress

With an increasing number of advertising channels, it is crucial to collect data on what marketing efforts are the most successful. Use Webflow Ecommerce in conjunction with Google Analytics to track customer activity.

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Powerful hosting with minimal downtime

Get all the power and protection you need with powerful hosting, SSL included for free, automatic backups & minimal plugins.

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What’s the difference between WordPress & Webflow?

WordPress is an open-source CMS platform with a community of talented developers. Over 455 million+ websites are on WordPress – which accounts for the majority of internet traffic, making it the #1 CMS in use today.

While other hosting platforms are open-source and require the efforts of an expert to build a custom website, Webflow is created with a much more user-friendly output.

Webflow offers an easy website builder and CMS platform for clients, allowing them to call the shots. Webflow’s no-limit approach lets you create designs in 50% of the time it would take to work with WordPress.

Webflow is a promising ecommerce platform. Unlike Shopify, Webflow has few restrictions that effect the site’s layout and it offers customisability on not only the cart page, but also in the checkout process as well as gateways for payment methods.

Both are setup in a similar way and are run on ongoing costs, but this works out similar to paying hosting and maintenance packages.

Unlike Shopify, Webflow offers a unique ecommerce website that is not the same as competitors. Shopify’s software costs are slightly more expensive than that of Webflow, and it includes a monthly subscription fee.

Webflow makes for a great starting point for automated SEO with their strategically-built websites and minimal plugins. Webflow is perfect to kick-start your journey on Google if you are at the very beginning stages of your business.

Providing lightning-fast page load times, dynamically generated title tags and metadata, clean code served over HTTPS and more, this is a perfect setup for today’s web performance seekers.

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